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Chaiyanu was established in 1999

to aid children diagnosed with cancer and their families. At Chaiyanu, we consider children with cancer as a whole – the child, the family and their environment. Chaiyanu is the Israeli branch of the international organisation ‘Chai Lifeline’. In its activities Chaiyanu encompasses all areas related to the child’s illness and organisation of the family during the time of hospitalization, at home and during recovery.



The vision of the Chaiyanu Organisation

is to ease the suffering of the sick children and their families to, 
"Fighting Illness with Love"

‘Chaiyanu for Children with Cancer in Israel’ has been operating since 2000 with the ambition of creating a better future where all children will beat cancer and with the goal of continually improving the quality of life for the sick children and to make use of advancing health care for the recovering child. Each year in the state of Israel, XNUMX children join the circle of sick children.

In the State of Israel, about 400 children are diagnosed each year who join the circle of sick children. The mission of the association in this tedious and painful journey is to alleviate the pain of the children. 

The association strengthens them and gives them strength and mental strength in their struggle and brave journey to life

Our Life works resolutely for the children and their families in all medical centers around the country, and is an integral part of the oncology system

These programs are organised by volunteer family coordinators and girls performing their National Service duties in the oncology ward. Chaiyanu is a branch of Chai Lifeline which has XNUMX branches around the world to support children with cancer. Through their knowledge, personal experience and understanding of the disease, they are able to provide support for the sick child and their family in a various different ways.

Our Life Association was established by the Chai Lifeline Association, which operates in 12 branches around the world for children with cancer and out of their understanding and personal acquaintance with coping with the disease, works for the sick child and his family in various and varied ways.

Financial Support:
Financial Support

Chaiyanu endeavors to provide support to its families wherever necessary. This includes, emotional, mental, technical and financial support.

Wide array
 Of volunteers

Chaiyanu has 157 volunteers who volunteer all year round, all over the country including Shabbatot and Festivals

An association is recognized in a Registrar of Associations

Chaiyanu is recognized in the Registrar of Associations – you can find more details on the Guidstar Website
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 A recognized association
For tax purposes

 Our Life Association is recognized for tax purposes
For a donation you will receive a 35% tax refund as provided by law

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