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Hanukkah project to fulfill wishes for children with cancer

On Hanukkah

every boy and girl gets one wish

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On Hanukkah, every boy and girl asks for a wish

The Hanukkah Projects purpose

is to fulfill the wish of a child with cancer

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To contribute to the Hanukkah project

The Hanukkah Festival ‘Illuminating’

Come ‘illuminate a wish’ this upcoming Hanukkah.

In the run-up to Hanukkah, our 'Life' volunteers raid all the oncology departments in the country's hospitals, and fill out application forms with the sick children, each child asking for a gift he wants, and then he also asks for gifts for his brother who is waiting for him at home to recover and return

These requests are broadcast to the whole world, and people with a big heart help us to fulfill the requests to the last of them
At the Hanukkah party, which takes place as every year in a huge hall, with an orchestra, jugglers and dances, all the sick children are given the requests they asked for themselves and their brothers


 This site runs mass fundraising campaigns. At the following link you can donate as much as you can without committing to the cost of a gift or you can donate to several gifts. You can also donate anonymously

Each Chaiyanu Ambassador chooses a fundraising goal and together with all the Chaiyanu volunteers, we are committed to raising 500,000 NIS for this project. Thanks to your donations, we are able to illuminate all wishes.

The gift shop

For your convenience, we have opened a wish shop where you can purchase a gift of your choice. Unlike a regular online store, instead of the gift reaching you at the end of the order, the gift you have chosen will reach the sick child.For your convenience, we have opened a gift ‘wish’ shop where you can purchase whatever you like. Unlike a regular online store where the purchase arrives on your doorstep at the end of the order, the gift you choose will be sent to the sick child.

We invite you to participate and donate as much as you can or choose a gift that you want to give to one of the children. Of course, you can also choose multiple gifts to donate.

Photo Gallery Hanukkah Party and Handing out Gifts

Feel free to get excited with us from the endless smiles of joy from the gift giving project ‘Illuminating a wish’.

Thank you letters What do the children have to say about the project

What the children have to say about the project Every year, after the distribution of gifts, we receive countless letters of gratitude from the children and their families. The joy it brings the families is indescribable. Keep fulfilling wishes with us!
Lets be moved together!

Robbie Schoenfeld

Shmulik Horowitz

This project is dedicated to the memory of Shmulik Horvitz and Ruby Schonfeld.