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Volunteers for the children


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Trips in and outside of Israel

throughout the year

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Winter camp

in northern Israel

 Trips and events   Excursions and Events

Sign up for the following events. You can keep updated and informed by our volunteers regarding upcoming events and trips that require pre-registration 
** Please note – these trips are only available to children currently undergoing medical treatment **

Join us at the Jerusalem Marathon with the children of Chanyenu, hundreds of volunteers from Israel and abroad, who raise money for Camp Simcha


A crazy 11 day trip to Israel for the children of ‘Chai Lifeline’ from the United States


An exhilarating trip to South Africa for 11 crazy days full of attractions, adventures and endless gifts and treats!


A 3 day trip up north with days filled with adventures, excursions, visits to tourist centres, a trip to Mount Hermon and more! 


Hanukkah event - illuminating wishes

Running for the Children of Chaiyanu
 Running in the Jerusalem Marathon? Let's run with a goal

Are you running in the Jerusalem Marathon? Come run for a purpose The Chaiyanu family and its volunteers run in the Jerusalem Marathon for children with cancer. Every runner for Chaiyanu opens a group and recruits runners. Together, each team has the goal of raising as much money as possible for Camp Simcha.

Each child that attends Camp Simcha costs about $1800 and we want to send as many children as possible to the camp. The more teams we have and the more runners that we recruit, the more money we can raise and the more children we will be able to send to Camp Simcha. The Camp is located in the hills and mountains of New York and is 10 days filled with activities, attractions, day trips and of course, lots of rest from the difficulties and difficult routine that the children endure.

Interested in volunteering? 
Contact us and get to know our warm and loving family