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To be a volunteer with Chaiyanu means being an optimistic, wise and loving person who is sensitive in his relationships with others. It means dedicating time and resources to children with cancer with the knowledge of how difficult and exhausting the process that the hospitalised children and their families endure, with a desire to ease and relieve the stresses placed upon them.

 And the tedious thing that happens to the hospitalized children and their families and a desire to relieve them and help 

The volunteers accompany the children and families during the hospitalization and constitute for them a ray of light and an anchor of support and stability.The volunteers accompany the children and their families during their hospitalisation and provide a ray of light and a rock of support and stability

The volunteerRightsObligations

Volunteer Duties

 The volunteer accepts upon himself the obligation to maintain confidentiality and privacy and not reveal medical information.

                   The volunteer will not use his own knowledge and understanding as a substitute for medical advice

                 The volunteer will commit to staying with patient, to ease his suffering and provide both physical and mental support.

The volunteer will not discriminate against anyone regardless of religion or race, gender or political affiliation.

Volunteer rights

The volunteer has the ability to give a heart warming hug, give a kind word, to encourage and support, to compliment, listen and empower the children and their families.

The volunteer has the ability to cheer up and put smiles on the faces of children with cancer.

The volunteer takes part in the war against the disease: It is the Doctors responsibility to remove the disease from the children and its Chaiyanu’s responsibility to separate the child from the disease.

The volunteer gains a great deal of satisfaction, lots of love and gratitude from the sick children and their families.

 The volunteer becomes part of the Chaiyanu family, a family of giving which has been operating for two decades for the well-being of the children with cancer and their families.

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