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Chaiyanu for kids with cancer and their families

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for boys and girls

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A summer camp in the USA


Leisure Activities

Throughout the year, the Chaiyanu family arranges a variety of activities for the children and their families. We help celebrate birthdays, fulfill dreams, as well as hold parties with artists and celebrities and much, much, more!


Activities in Hospitals

With the help of the professional team, girls performing their National Service duty and an array of volunteers who spend every day at the hospital, accompany the children on tests and treatments and do as much as possible to improve their mood and distract them from the difficulty of their situation and their pain.



Chaiyanu provides beautiful, personalized wigs to all its children who suffer from illnesses that cause them to lose their hair. Want to donate your hair? The Hair and Beauty Institute will give you a free haircut in exchange for donating your hair. Click now to book your appointment XNUMX


New Volunteer

Interested in volunteering? Do you have the desire to raise money (?) and donate your time to the children?

If so you are one of us! Come and join the Chaiyanu family and help ease the day to day challenges that our families are going through.


Years of service


 Families a year


Active volunteers



Trips and events Excursions and Events

Sign up for the following events. You can keep updated and informed by our volunteers regarding upcoming events and trips that require pre-registration 
** Please note – these trips are only available to children currently undergoing medical treatment **

Join us at the Jerusalem Marathon with the children of Chanyenu, hundreds of volunteers from Israel and abroad, who raise money for Camp Simcha


A crazy 11 day trip to Israel for the children of ‘Chai Lifeline’ from the United States


An exhilarating trip to South Africa for 11 crazy days full of attractions, adventures and endless gifts and treats!


A 3 day trip up north with days filled with adventures, excursions, visits to tourist centres, a trip to Mount Hermon and more! 


RUN.CONNECT INSPIRE.The Jerusalem Marathon


Financial Support:
Financial Support

Chaiyanu endeavors to provide support to its families wherever necessary. This includes, emotional, mental, technical and financial support.

Wide array
 Of volunteers

Chaiyanu has 157 volunteers who volunteer all year round, all over the country including Shabbatot and Festivals

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Chaiyanu is recognized in the Registrar of Associations – you can find more details on the Guidstar Website
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 A recognized association
For tax purposes

Chaiyanu is a recognized Association for tax purposes. You can receive XNUMX% tax refund for your donation as per the law.